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Send Todos to hey@sheldonize.com

Oct 23, 2014 2 minute read
Updated: Oct 29, 2014

The Basics

Say you are lying sleepless at night and you all of a sudden remember that you have to update the rent before the end of the month. What do you normally do? Right, what we all do: you grab your phone and you send yourself an email:

To: myself@myself.com

From: myself@myself.com

Subject: hey, don’t forget to update the rent for this month!

The next day, you then

  1. open your email application
  2. see the email
  3. open your todo-application
  4. create a new todo in the todo-application and write something to the effect of “update the rent for this month”
  5. delete the email

What if you could do that faster?

You can if you use Sheldonize. If you have an account with Sheldonize, then you signed up with an email address 1, say ‘myself@myself.com’.

Instead of sending yourself a reminder, you can just email hey@sheldonize.com from that email address, with as the Subject the todo you want to accomplish. Like this:

To: hey@sheldonize.com

From: myself@myself.com

Subject: hey, don’t forget to update the rent for this month!

The next morning, you can now just do:

  1. open Sheldonize and see the todo in your Inbox view.

#today or #thisweek

Normally, we will drop todos sent to hey@sheldonize.com into your Inbox view. However, if you add #today or #thisweek to the subject of your email, we will immediately drop it into your Today or This Week view.

Email Notes

Not only will we create a task based on the subject’s email that you have sent to hey@sheldonize.com, we will also take the body of the email and add it as a note to that created task. As we allow for Markdown formatting in task notes, emails that follow the Markdown conventions will end up as nicely formatted task notes.

Let’s look at an example. Take the following email that we write to hey@sheldonize.com with subject write up report. Note that the body of the email consists of Markdown text (for example, the # indicates that something is a header title).

The email does not have to be Markdown-formatted text. It can be any text and we will add it as a note. Checking Sheldonize some seconds later, we see the newly created task in our Inbox:

If we click on that task, we get the detailed view for it. It includes your notes:

The original body of the email is presented as a nicely formatted note (with headers, bold-faced words, bulleted-lists, links).

  1. If you logged in with Twitter, you do not have an email associated with your account in the trial version, as Twitter does not require that. If you are a pro user, you’re good!