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Notes on Tasks and Meetings

Oct 31, 2014 1 minute read

In this article, I’ll show you how you can add notes to tasks and meetings in Sheldonize. “So what?” I hear you say. To which I reply, calmly but barely holding it together, “be patient, little grasshopper! I’ll show you some Markdown! You’ll love it!”

Let’s start with the basics and have a look at the details of a task we just created (notes on meetings work exactly the same):

Empty Note

Initially, a new task has no note attached. Click on Edit Note to add some relevant information for the task at hand.

A form appears with familiar buttons to help you format your note:

Initial Note

So let’s go ahead and write some nicely formatted Markdown text:

Initial Markdown

Don’t forget to press the Save button if you want to save this note. You can use the Preview button to toggle between your raw text and the nicely formatted note:


If you’d like you can also edit the note in a distraction-free mode, by clicking the top-right symbol:

Full Preview

And finally, after you’re done adding your note, you can go back to this task and see:


Some ideas for what you can store as a note at a task:

You can also add notes on meetings, which can be useful, for example, to write down the minutes, nicely formatted.

Finally, don’t forget that you can email tasks to Sheldonize using the address hey@sheldonize.com. The body of each email is added as a note to the task as explained at Send Todos to hey@sheldonize.com.