I Woke Up This Morning


Nov 23, 2014 2 minute read

A lot of tasks that you currently have on your stack are probably one-off tasks. You do them once, cross them off as done, and move on with your life. Up till now Sheldonize was made for exactly that kind of work.

You’d collect your tasks and then indicate whether you’d want to tackle them Today or This Week. The schedule would take these tasks and assign slots on your calendar to work on those.

But what if you had a task that would not be just one-time only? What if you had tasks that you’d need to do every day or every week? For example:

With the old Sheldonize, you’d have to add these tasks every day (or every week) again and again. While possible, that’s hardly efficient, so we decided to introduce Habits (aka recurrent task templates):


You can, similarly as with tasks, decide how long you want to spend on each session of such a habit. For example, walking the dog would take 60 minutes, going to the gym 2 hours:

Habits with Duration

When you go to your Today view in your Tasks, you will see a button that allows you to pull in your daily habits:

Pull in Tasks

Pushing that button will take your habits and create tasks for all of them in the Today view:

Pulled in Tasks

From there you can schedule those tasks or do any type of actions you can do on tasks (delete them, mark them as done). For example, scheduling them gives:

Schedule Habit

You’ll see that we color habits green on the schedule to distinguish them from normal tasks. You can of course pull your daily habits multiple times.

If you go to your This Week view of the Tasks you’ll similarly see a Pull in Weekly Habits button that allows you to plan your recurrent weekly work.

Note that the habits act as templates for these pulled in tasks: the estimated duration, the topic, as well as the note are taken from the habit and copied to the task you created from the habit. Especially for tasks that are repetitive not only in timing (every week, daily) but also in the actual work to be performed this is a time saver. For example, for a habit send out meeting reports every week you can add a note to the habit that contains a template for the meetings (attendants, date, agenda). Each created task for that habit, will have the meeting template attached so you can fill it in each week with the details for that week’s meeting.

If you’d like to share how you use the habits, tweet us a screenshot at @Sheldonize!